We recruit, train, and manage the top talent around the world, empower them with cutting-edge technologies, and integrate our workforce into your workflows.

Discover where Kinetic fits into your workforce model.

Data Solutions Workforce
The Data Revolution has arrived. Business Intelligence, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing - What do they all require? Structured and clean data. Learn how our secure and scalable workforce can solve your data needs:
Customer Experience Workforce
It's 2019 and your customers expect answers wherever they are and whenever it is. But customer support is more than just speed. See how our expert support workforce can give you a competitive edge:
Back Office Workforce
The "behind-the-scenes" tasks that keep your business running smoothly. Bookkeeping, content moderation, transcription, assistants. Discover how we can simplify your back-office processes:
Outbound Engagement Workforce
Making outbound contact is an ever evolving mix of science and art. See how Kinetic's outreach technology our high skilled staff make it easy to connect with who you want, when you want:


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Kinetic Business Solutions is a catalyst for bringing your business into the global economy of 2019. Modern economic theory suggests your work should be done where it is most economical and at the highest quality, regardless of location.

Workforce models are shifting away from the traditional “brick-and-mortar”, 9:00 to 5:00, clock-in/clock-out structure. The most innovative companies now leverage a diverse range of workforce types. From traditional in-house staff, to freelancers, to outsourcing – businesses can now accomplish more than ever with a proper workforce mix.

This is where we come in – we make it simple for your business to take advantage of global staffing opportunities. Sit back while we employ top talent from around the globe, and deploy them for your business.


We tie into your current workflows and tools. There's no need to change tools.
When working with remote staff, responsiveness is key. Management is available 24/7/365
There is always hesitation with new business partners, especially internationally. We believe the best cure is transparency by both parties
Our whole organization is built on the cloud. Security, time keeping, productivity reports, and analytics.
3X internet redundancy, generator, and UPS. No down time or unsaved work.
Kinetic has been in the BPO industry for more than 8 years - since the very beginning. We know the ins and outs and the complexities of the industry.
Kinetic Business Solutions prides itself on having some of the most skilled and talented professionals in the industry. And also the happiest – we ensure a productive yet fun work environment, as well as a work-life balance for all employees. This is reflected in our high employee satisfaction and retention KPIs:
Employee Satisfaction
Employee Retention
our team

In the international B2B environment, leadership is key. Our core team has decades of experience in the BPO environment. Throughout the years, we have become experts in integrating our workforce with our client’s workflows. Our mix of Western (USA/Canada) and local (Filipino) leaders make it easy to blend the work cultures together seamlessly.

Many of us have been together since the very beginning of the company, and have no plans on leaving! We pride ourselves on communication – at all levels. Everyone in our organization is just a click away, even our CEO. If there are any issues or concerns, you can count on our leadership team to be responsive and transparent, no matter what the situation is.

Chief Executive Officer
Image of Weston Dotson Business Development Director of Kinetic Business Solutions
Director of Business Development
Image of Marty Yang
Business Development Consultant
Image of Phay Franco - Kinetic Site Director
Site Director (Angeles City)
Image of Moppet Castillo - Kinetic Site Director
Site Director 2 (Laoag & Manila)
Non Disclosure Agreement image. We sign NDAs to protect our clients.
Lead Generation Company
Vice President Sales and Marketing

“We selected Kinetic to help us expand our lead generation campaigns into telemarketing. What a great choice. We started with 3 agents and now have 75, with plans to grow even larger.”

Richard Dotson
Kinetic Business Solutions

“At Kinetic Business Solutions, we strive to provide our clients with the best online outsourcing experience in the world. Our promise to you is maximum efficiency and value, with personal attention to your job – no matter how big or small.”

Non Disclosure Agreement image. We sign NDAs to protect our clients.
Ecommerce Company

“Kinetic Business Solutions has handled the customer support for our online sales for 6 years. During this period our chargebacks and cancellations have remained well below acceptable levels. It’s great to have a solid partner handling the customer support so we can focus on our products.”

Non Disclosure Agreement image. We sign NDAs to protect our clients.
Media Company
Vice President Operations

“Our business has a lot of data intensive processes. We really felt the pinch a few years ago paying high dollar for simple data entry work. To stay competitive, we began scouting offshore business process outsourcing companies. Kinetic replied to our inquiry right away. We were able to work with their teams to establish a perfect solution. Now our data entry work is done better, and for less money!”


Because Kinetic is able to adapt to whatever our client’s need, we have provided a wide array of work over the years. If it is a routine or non-core task, we can take it off your shoulders. Due to NDAs with clients, disclosure of work is not possible. But here are just a few examples.

Partnered with multiple large companies to extract (index) videos into large and valuable data sets. Valuable data is hidden inside videos – we’re experts at extracting that data.
Provided supervised learning and data structuring for leaders in the AI space, specifically those requiring strict IP protection and data security.
Substantially increased customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value for an eCommerce client by providing 24/7 customer support
One of our partners noticed their sales team was spending too much time qualifying leads. We now verify and qualify leads, and then transfer the leads to their in-house sales team.
In today’s fast paced world, customers want instant answers. An eCommerce client saw cart abandonment rates decrease dramatically simply by having a live chat widget 24/7.
A large marketing firm partnered with us to keep their CRM data updated, clean and accurate. This resulted in better performing and more cost effective marketing campaigns
By partnering with Kinetic for routine bookkeeping and updating, a software development company is able to make decisions with real-time financial health data.
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Map of the Philippines, Cambodia and North America where Kinetic is located
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24 hours per day
7 days per week
365 days per year


US: +1-626-297-3313