Because we operate in emerging economic countries, Kinetic is able to have direct impact in the lives of the less fortunate in our community. We encourage our team to foster a more involved community through routine outreach events.

Kinetic offers free “Career Kickstart” seminars and training programs for those interest in starting a career in the BPO industry. 
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We believe that education is the foundation for empowering individuals to improve their careers and lives. We offer general continuing education throughout employment. 
We love to watch our employees climb the ladder! We have the promotion paths laid out for those wishing to advance their careers. 
One of Kinetic’s core KPIs is employee satisfaction.
Here are a few reviews we’ve received:
Recruitment Manager

“Achieving professional growth and meeting challenges while being resourceful and innovative, these are a few of the things that I’ve learned from Kinetic Business Solutions.”

Administration Manager

“It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement. I truly appreciate all that I have learned and I am very proud to be part of Kinetic Business Solutions.”

Data Entry Specialist

“I’m recommending Kinetic Business Solutions for those who want to start a BPO career. Kinetic offers a free training program and a staff-friendly working environment. They have the best trainer and I can assure you that their training program can help you expand your skills and knowledge. I’m proud to say that I’m a product of Kinetic Business Solutions!”

Customer Support Agent

“My experience here in Kinetic Business Solutions was so awesome! I am a graduate of their free training program and it was an amazing experience for me. This is a great start for those who don’t have any BPO experience because you will learn a lot of things and it’s fun at the same time. They will help you build your confidence that can help you grow personally and professionally. Thank you very much, Kinetic Business Solutions!”

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