Kinetic Business Solutions specializes in recruiting top talent based on your needs and job descriptions. We offer a diverse range of services to help your back office run more smoothly. Whatever your needs, there is a good chance that we can find the talent to match:

Process Management
Whether you are tracking orders, your staff, or your customers, engagement along the way is important to keeping your business running smoothly. Delivery tracking, staff check-ins, customer appointment reminders.
Account Receivable Management
Collect what is owed to your company. Our staff has years of experience and is in-tune with the current regulatory restrictions.
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Take the headache out of maintaining proper accounting and financial records. Our licensed CPAs are here to help with your back-office accounting needs.
Content Moderation
Your brand image is important - yet fragile. Our experienced moderators are able to remove unfit content before issues arise and your brand image suffer.
Digital Marketing
Our well-rounded marketing staff is here to help grow your business. Graphic/video design, social media management, advertising and more.
Is your engineering/development team being slowed down by time consuming tasks? We can find the staff with any technical skill level you need.
Many More
Because of Kinetic's unique business model, we can find staff for whatever you back-office needs are. You give us a job description - we'll find staff to fit your needs.

Why Kinetic

Why choose Kinetic over freelancers, crowdsourcing or another provider?
We recruit and train the world’s top talents, empower them with cutting-edge technology, and integrating them directly into your workflows.
With ultra-low attrition rates, we eliminate the need for constant “re-training”. With Kinetic, your data needs will always be exceeded and stable.
With our cutting-edge technology and dynamic Recruitment and Human Resources team, we can scale up with your business.
With over 7 years providing critical data solutions to the world’s most innovative companies, we understand the world of Data Solutions - and we excel at what we do.
Non Disclosure Agreement image. We sign NDAs to protect our clients.
Media Company
Vice President Operations

“Our business has a lot of data intensive processes. We really felt the pinch a few years ago paying high dollar for simple data entry work. To stay competitive, we began scouting offshore business process outsourcing companies. Kinetic replied to our inquiry right away. We were able to work with their teams to establish a perfect solution. Now our data entry work is done better, and for less money!”

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